written by: SAMRUDHI DASH



Scream at me as much as you like
Now I am deaf to your voice
Slap me on the face
And yet I shall look on straight
Drag me by the hair, across the floor
And yet I shall not shed a single tear
Try with all your might to break my audacity
But not a gasp shall escape my lips
It’s been long since I’ve glimpsed those monsters hiding behind your masks of pretension
And yet I have swallowed the poison at will
Roar, scream with all your might
Vindicate me, call me names, throw curses at me
And yet you shall find me all the same
My eyes will continue to blaze with a fire, untamed
Not a word shall I utter in retaliation
Even if you tear me apart, bit by bit
My soul shall remain whole,  uncompromising
I shall never bow my head
Before your treacherous sinful world
Scream louder, let the walls echo your screams
But my silence shall prove mightier
Even if you gouge out my flesh,
Strangle me
I shall remain unmoved
Try all your sorcery against me
They will just bounce back like a boomerang
My belief in myself shall keep me alive
No matter how you chain me through torturous endeavors
I have braved storms far worse than this one
Life’s cumbersome battles have muted me
And now I have a heart of stone
For now your screams are music to my ears
I enjoy the pain knowing that you will never get the satisfaction you desire
For your unanswered vindictiveness amuses me
I have long since become a machine that dissembled fear and pain
There’s very little left within, too far from your reach
Scream, rip, tear, kill
And yet till my last breath
I shall never let you win
Scream on
With my corpse you now hold in your arms, lifeless
Scream harder
For my soul shall laugh in glee
Knowing that you could never win!


Copyright Samrudhi Dash

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