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written by: SAMRUDHI DASH



The burnished image... I refuse to accommodate it
Now I light the pyre of my past
Watching the flames burn higher in retribution
For it's time to be a Phoenix
Burn down
And resurrect
From the ashes
So that tomorrow I am unchained from manacles
Of clocks, time and tide, opinions and judgements
I am reinventing myself
Letting the end pave way for a new beginning
So that in the promise of a new dawn
Spreading its crimson plumes in the horizon
My wings too shall be ready to take flight
No longer an innocent gullible dependent girl
But a strong young woman with perfectly painted red lips
Ready to face the world on my own
So that I shall never need another hand to hold on to
And dare to take the untrodden path
Speak fierce truths without an inkling of doubt
And in the resurrection will come a fierce revival
An identity so intimidating that they wouldn't dare to question it
Nothing can be imposed upon me now
For today I declare myself boundless and infinite
The end is where I have found a new beginning


Copyright Samrudhi Dash

Samrudhi Dash

Samrudhi Dash

I am a young writer and poet of 26 years. Three of my poetry anthologies titled "The New Leaf", "Dreamer's Web" and "Communion" have been published by AuthorsPress, New Delhi, India. My debut novel "Beyond the Horizon", also by AuthorsPress has just been launched. I write on the little things of life, the reality checks, random reflections and have a feminist perspective of life.
Samrudhi Dash

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