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written by: SAMRUDHI DASH



I awoke to a cloudy drizzly morning to find a message in my inbox
Of course in an era of the internet I miss that touch of letters
Where I could perhaps have traced my fingers over the neat writing on parchment
But then these texts never fail to bring a smile on my face
There's someone far out there, a mystic mariner
Whose words have never failed to fascinate me
And today he writes,"Life's never been that easy Ma'am"
My lips curve at the corners as I scroll down to find
A beautiful serene morning, the dawn gliding lazily across an exotic beach
And I wonder where my mystic mariner has been traveling...
But then his words too ring a chilling realization in my head
When has life ever been that easy?
Struggling to walk ever so carefully over the serrated edges of life
At twenty-six the burden of experience weighs me down
Maturity has dimmed those once blue eyes that shone with dreams and determination
And reality has taken its toll on my glowing cheeks
I smile nevertheless, knowing that it's not a real one though
Opening the doors to the balcony,
I step outside for a whiff of free air and for a moment maybe
Cloak myself once more in those petrichor dreams...
I stretch out my palms to feel the drops of rain slide through my fingers
Running down slim wrists and pale elbows
I smile in reminiscence at some old memories
As I again remind myself that I am no longer that innocent little girl
Once more my mind wanders back to the message on my phone
A broken string of pearls, something I wrote about yesterday...
True, life can never be easy
It's always a question of the survival of the fittest
And I know I am not one of them...
And before I lose the race against time, I need to keep the promises I've made
I go into the kitchen to make coffee
The aroma of freshly brewed beans, ground and blended to perfection
Revives me, transporting a weary mind back to the present
And as I fall back into a chair, newspaper in hand,
Taking a sip from that steaming mug
I wish I could share a cup with my mystic mariner
But as he rightly puts it,
Life's never been that easy...


Copyright: Samrudhi Dash



A poem that deals with feelings, emotions and the intricacies of a life we have been initiated into not by choice but by birth... A musing of my mind

Samrudhi Dash

Samrudhi Dash

I am a young writer and poet of 26 years. Three of my poetry anthologies titled "The New Leaf", "Dreamer's Web" and "Communion" have been published by AuthorsPress, New Delhi, India. My debut novel "Beyond the Horizon", also by AuthorsPress has just been launched. I write on the little things of life, the reality checks, random reflections and have a feminist perspective of life.
Samrudhi Dash

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