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Song Of Blue Babies

Song Of Blue Babies

written by: Giorgia Spurio



Blue eyes of the water
are in the Earth, in her womb.

– He’s a boy.-

He’s a climb’s child,
he has rain’s hands.
– Grey foggy little cloud –
his eyes are two lights,
the cars that run
in the dark, and her child
kisses every lifeless star.

– What’s your name? –
The sound of hairs,
black fingers between the mother’s smiles,
the name of white and red snow in the body
between the skull and the heart.

The night is a midwife
– moon, wind, trees and songs –

but the child doesn’t cry
– she waits the answer –

and the cars… run
in the dark.

Giorgia Spurio

Giorgia Spurio

Giorgia Spurio was bornin 21/12/1986 in Ascoli Piceno (Italy). She studied Latin and Italian literature, she graduated from University of Urbino. She is a teacher and she works in social projects for children. She writes poems, short stories and novels. She won literary prizes. She published the Novels "Gli occhi degli orologi" and "L'inverno in giardino", short stories for children "I Bambini Ciliegio", poetry books ("Le ninne nanne degli Šar", "Dove bussa il mare", "Quando l'Est mi rubò gli occhi").
Giorgia Spurio

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