Song Of Blue Babies by Giorgia Spurio at

Song Of Blue Babies

Song Of Blue Babies

written by: Giorgia Spurio



Blue eyes of the water
are in the Earth, in her womb.

– He’s a boy.-

He’s a climb’s child,
he has rain’s hands.
– Grey foggy little cloud –
his eyes are two lights,
the cars that run
in the dark, and her child
kisses every lifeless star.

– What’s your name? –
The sound of hairs,
black fingers between the mother’s smiles,
the name of white and red snow in the body
between the skull and the heart.

The night is a midwife
– moon, wind, trees and songs –

but the child doesn’t cry
– she waits the answer –

and the cars… run
in the dark.

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