The Game Of Time And Death, written by Khalid Belkhalfi at

The Game Of Time And Death

The Game of Time and Death

written by: Khalid Belkhalfi



I’m shaking, my heart is going to blast
I’m so scared now, She is coming so fast
She’s getting closer, I can feel her steps
I can hear her breathe at my doorsteps

I’m dying now, I feel so sick and heavy
I’m aching, with pain all over my body
I can’t see, I can barely move my head
I have a fever, sweat is on my forehead

Agony, fever, cough and suffering
She sent them all to see me grieving
They eat all of my body like bulldogs
They are her pets, they are Death’s dogs

I am ready for her, I’m not afraid anymore
I will pay for what I’ve done to her before
I can’t close the doors, she’s coming over
To take revenge; I strayed with her lover

DEATH and TIME a big couple of mystery
With TIME I had a stupid affair of misery
I wanted him for me as a hidden love
But DEATH was watching from above

I closed my eyes and I abused of the TIME
But I didn’t know that I was doing a crime
We were making love, again and again
And I thought I had everything to gain

But TIME was only taking advantage of me
He didn’t make love to me, he was raping me
He left when my soul was all wrinkled
To his wife the DEATH, I was abandoned

She came to me to take her vengeance
She joined her dogs with a big confidence
DEATH and TIME played the clever game
I, the fool, haven’t got anyone here to blame

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