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A Rainbow Us

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A Rainbow Us

written by: Lady Margrethe



You may like me or you may not,
Appreciate my thoughts and what I’ve got.
You may say good things or perhaps criticize,
Accept I’m different, yes, a lot.

You may excel where I am weak,
I may stumble on your highest peak.
My works, to you, are never astounding
You ask me to talk, my heart starts pounding.

You may admire me or possibly abhor
The way I get so loose with my emotions.
You may deter my climb up
But still, I’ll press on, fill in the gap.

You may see me and frown
For my color does not match yours;
But remember our sky would be all blue
Without us casting our own special hue.

Lady Margrethe

Lady Margrethe

The pen name, Lady Margrethe, is the short cut of my name. I am from Cotabato City in The Philippines but have lived in Balayan, Batangas for more than 23 years with my husband Angelito and my children Colette, Kaye, Zion and Zach. I got acquainted with deep writing when it became my sanctuary for emotions that I suppress from other people. It has become my best friend for through it I become free. What is so good about this craft is that you get to touch people's hearts. Being a mother, the more I was able to feel emotions that I need to freeze in time. The only way to do that is to write them down and then they will live on, even when you are already gone.
Lady Margrethe

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