Wildfires, a poem by Shih-Fang Wang at Spillwords.com



written by: Shih-Fang Wang


Wildfires dance like mad
In many places around the globe
Even before summer’s arrival
A tiny spark is all they need to start
Enormous fires lasting for months

Burn, burn, burn
It’s nature’s way for eons
To celebrate summer
To refresh the overburdened earth

Wildfires indulge their passion
They twirl with winds
Leap forward
Lick everything reachable
With their flying tongues

Nothing they care
Burn all is their sole goal
Whining of critters only get engulfed
Animal blood tree sap is boiled up
Bodies burnt down to ashes

They love heat promoted by humans
Frolic in golden apparel
Laced with black smoke
Soar up skyward
Burgeon unlimited
Until they reach the sea
Or drenched by rain
Or meet enough brave firefighters

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