Home, a poem that was written by Pi at Spillwords.com
Travis Grossen



written by: Pi



You know, in my mind palace
I’ve now built a glass house
Glass flooring, walls and ceiling
where we see and feel everything

Garden grass seeds shooting up
from its warm & moist earthy bed,
a world of vanity across glass walls
wrapping the naked and truest us

The sky above, unashamed, emotional
from racing clouds to dancing rain
we see it all, we brace it all and then
the starry jewels descend upon us

A glass house, you see, holds the
forbidden destiny we’re sailing for
it takes time, it takes tides to ride
A clandestine opaque glass house

I adorn you with flowers in your ears
Jewels around neck, waist and
anklets tinkling as you softly walk
with my words all over you, love

A future worth sailing on ~ a home
to our unnamed, untamed love
Leaving behind a lifetime of brooding
Walk with me, tonight, will you, my dove?

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