How Loud Is My Solitude, poem by Don Knowles at
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How Loud Is My Solitude

How Loud Is My Solitude

written by: Don Knowles



Loneliness is a cacophony of simple sounds
A minute hand’s sweep
A pulse that is weakening
Cries of a flock lost bird
Sounds become a burn
A wound gone unattended
Each door slam
Or babies cry a reminder
Of the singularity of existence
Try as we might
To embrace all the noise
Reasoning that a choir is harmonious
Compared to an a cappella performance
We come to this life seeking care and comfort after being nurtured in the womb by a pulse
A maternal beat
Seeking through the years for that constant
Where true silence doesn’t exist
Even in death’s vacuum the mournful cries continue
The din is omnipresent like the pulsars sweep across the universe
Or the unnoticed tap of a finger on a pane of glass
Rapping for companionship
In this loud world

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