The Void, poetry written by Shade at
Nikolay Vorobyev

The Void

The Void

written by: Shade



Singular shaped void amongst the dense clouds
Offers a peek into infinity beyond the gray wall
An hourglass writes history in grains of sand
Several still gazes around its periphery crawl
A solitary stare deep into the eye of the storm
Transports enchanted mind a million miles away
To a place where sands of time no longer shift
The continuous change is no longer the norm
Where sun rises somewhere in her broad smile
Followed by dusk filled with melodies and rhyme
Let no spark of passion ever remain benign
Joy and happiness at last surpass my sorrow
Everyday ends with an eager hope for tomorrow
Weary eyes find some sleep
Mind finally finds some peace
And for once I finally bear my soul
For rest of me hides it no more

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