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written by: Shade



Intersecting lines of occurrences
Weave several stories in time
Unfolding in loops on a flat circle
Repeating those moments sublime
Each iteration merges into next
Antiquity and modernity combine
Creates a distinct form of old, to which
A unique form of new must entwine
Bases become superstructures
Superstructures into bases decline
Up above the plot so high
Several crazy diamonds shine
Free from the illusion of progression
And illusion of regression, they smile
For what we called circle of life
For them was a mere pantomime
We built clock towers to keep time
They just wanted to hear the bells chime



Hello I am a poetry enthusiast from India, I read, write and enjoy poetry in English, Hindustani (Hindi-Urdu), Gujarati. Some of my hindustani couplets (shayari) can be found on my Twitter profile. I take an avid interest in global/local politics, policy making, learning about new cultures, places and informed opinions different from my own

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