Seamstress, a poem written by Shade at



written by: Shade



She weaves the time with a dark thread
A lark waits with her songs buried deep
Stars embellish, clouds they lightly tread
Floating on the wind, the shadows creep

Memories rustle through the emptiness
Their shapes, shadows, and arrays of void
Calm is interwoven with shades of shakiness
Her work has admiration and fear alloyed

Her dreamy expressionless eyes gaze
Delicately at masterful invisible stitches
In the night she wove to shock and amaze
Crowds of loneliness her work bewitches

A stroll down the lanes of her sewn world
Into the maze of illusions under the moonlight
Drapes of blissful ignorance are unfurled
She rises for a curtain call at dawn twilight

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