Occurrences, a poem written by Shade at


Occurrences written by: Shade @Ishan_Faragh   Intersecting lines of occurrences Weave several stories in time Unfolding in loops on a flat circle Re...
Seamstress, a poem written by Shade at


Seamstress written by: Shade @Ishan_Faragh   She weaves the time with a dark thread A lark waits with her songs buried deep Stars embellish, clouds t...
Memories written by Shade at


Memories written by: Shade @Ishan_Faragh   Several moments promise to stay, Like leaves on the branches of time With autumn I pray they wither away ...
Footprints, a poem written by Shade at


Footprints written by: Shade @Ishan_Faragh   Those footprints on the desert sand, Cutting across the sea of moon-lit sand Like a stream of life in th...
Shadows Of Time written by Shade at

Shadows Of Time

Shadows Of Time written by: Shade @Ishan_Faragh   Eloquent shadows of time with their whispers linger Like the clouds in the monsoon sky they linger ...


Hello I am a poetry enthusiast from India, I read, write and enjoy poetry in English, Hindustani (Hindi-Urdu), Gujarati. Some of my hindustani couplets (shayari) can be found on my Twitter profile. I take an avid interest in global/local politics, policy making, learning about new cultures, places and informed opinions different from my own