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written by: Shade



Several moments promise to stay,
Like leaves on the branches of time
With autumn I pray they wither away
Yet they refuse, to give up their prime
Cruel memories, why don’t they fade?
Why don’t they erode by waves of age?
Strong will with her desperate spade,
through the sands of time, she excavates,
A familiar face with a smile sublime
Certain relief it brings like a soothing wine.
In this vicious labyrinth of dark moments
You are the part my heart never laments



Hello I am a poetry enthusiast from India, I read, write and enjoy poetry in English, Hindustani (Hindi-Urdu), Gujarati. Some of my hindustani couplets (shayari) can be found on my Twitter profile. I take an avid interest in global/local politics, policy making, learning about new cultures, places and informed opinions different from my own

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