The Epitaph (Gauri Lankesh) by Shade at

The Epitaph (Gauri Lankesh)

The Epitaph

(Gauri Lankesh)

written by: Shade



Bright star when the darkness overwhelm
For years she shone in the long night
A voice of reason in the frantic realm
Sharp was the blade of her insight
Violent mobs with tyranny at the helm
Loud were the mobs but she was right
Silenced is the melody of reason now
Deafening noise of the maddening crowd
Silenced is the cuckoo in this frantic night
But her songs echo like a gleam of light
Some wise folks hum to her tunes
Bringing life to her desolate ruins
Immortal is her melody for times to come
Resonating for generations inspiring some
To stand up to tyrant mob
To defend the ideals which they rob
Eternally would her sweet voice ring
Songs of reason and hope it would sing

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