Traces of The Modern Monk, poetry by Lion I at
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Traces of The Modern Monk

Traces of The Modern Monk

written by: Lion I



traces of the modern afro monk
revealed within digital spheres
covered in white smoke and song
lacing joyful melodic tears

called for aid from the ancient
ended up being swiftly anchored
keeping complex elegy simplified
bended knees on a prayer mat

traces of the modern monk
phases of them afro gifted ones
hidden within sad faces bold
covered in white smoke and song

sit down and scribble
as rain showers fall
safety in all trouble
endless a cupid call

traces of the modern monk
a long walk to home brewed elegy
spaces we have to occupy
occupied by laziness our enemy.

Lion I

Lion I

Lion I, Isaac Ramoshidi Bokaba, a poet and recording artist from Hammanskraal north of Pretoria, South Africa. I father two daughters and also have an undying passion to teach and to touch broken souls, aspiring readers of all ages, through Poetry and Music in Edutainment. I have self published two e-books of poetry thus far and hope to do more including audio recordings which will cater for a vast global audience. Part of this among others is to instill self reliance and discipline especially the troubled youth at hand. My previous work of art on the local underground scene makes me a talented songwriter, rapper, author, publisher and an African poet of note. My mission is to inspire talent, educate the youth, motivate the nation and to put across the message of dedication and right living through arts and culture.
Lion I

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