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I Am A Woman

I Am A Woman

written by: Hanh Chau


I am a woman
shall not be afraid
to be defined
by the color of own skin
solely by the content of
the character and truth of soul

I am who I am by the integrity
to look far beyond
the superficial beauty
through the inner view

I am a woman
with the privilege
when it comes to carry
offspring young
inside a mother’s womb

I am a woman
That is not petrified
To speak her mind
To stand up for what is right

I am a woman
have lived through life
walked through many other shoes
to understand the meaning
of life

I am a woman
that may seem to be fragile
and endured through
many battles of stormy weather
day and night
rain and shine
but I never give up
To search for purpose

I am a woman
portrayed as a delicate flower
I have never
relinquished my beauty title
I still stand tall
to carry on my petals with
grace and pride

I am a woman
that stands strong
conquers the fear of all
like a strenuous mountain
to convey my message across

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