Women Dream Don't They, poem by Ladybug at Spillwords.com
Marie Michele Bouchard

Women Dream Don’t They

Women Dream Don’t They

written by: Ladybug


Dreams flow in on thunder claps of darkened sky,
Amid beguiling life strife and toilsome burdens.
Women dream, don’t they, and move beyond
What seems limited, bound for unfulfilling moments?

Women dream in colors, schemes, and bountiful images.
They climb successful ladders of corporate hob-knob
And dare to yell their heart-felt dreams above the clouds.
Strong, purposeful, and sensitive are they and oh so bold.

Women dare to dream don’t they and emit their own thunder?
In claps of dominant traits and volcanic ash of pursuit.
Women dream their dreams without failing to feel,
What is important and held unfathomed in the world.

Women dream don’t they and possess mentality of success?
Dare they pursue their dreams within their own domain?
Yes, women can dream and spew ash and thunder claps.
Amidst life’s tragedies they rise, they rise to dream again.

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