I Died Upon The Cross, a poem by Roger Turner at Spillwords.com
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I Died Upon The Cross

I Died Upon the Cross

written by: Roger Turner



You know the day I died
I never ventured far from home
I never performed miracles
I never went to Rome
You know me through the stories
The disciples told my tale
I am surprised that I am famous
But at one thing I did fail
I don’t think that I am holy
By some, but I am known
By different names by different groups
This, history has shown
You know me from the bible
Yes, I died upon the cross
But, when asked just what my real name is
Then most are at a loss
I was crucified, a true fact
My beliefs cost me my life
I died there in the sunshine
My story filled with strife
I know you think you know me
But, do you really know
That at my crucifixion
I was the first one in the row
Like I said, I am as famous
As the middle one who died
I knew you would not guess me
No matter how you tried
My name, it is Saint Dismas
I am the thief just to the right
Jesus Christ was in the middle
He was full of heaven’s light
I am known in all the stories
Like I told you once before
I’m known as the good thief
I am known in all the lore
I died the same as Jesus
I died the same as he
Luke called me Saint Dismas
Now you will remember me

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