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I Forgot Because You Read

I forgot because you read

written by: ErosVerse



I fell no one caught me
In the darkness I heard
Your voice rhythmically reciting
The sweetest words
The deepest poetry
Each word a star
Each star a radiant shining light
Sent to surround me
I forgot I was in the abyss
I forgot it was dark inside
I forgot to wander around
Stumble upon who
Or what else could be
Dead or living here inside
I forgot to cry
I forgot to be afraid
I forgot to ask why
You reading still
One day I found myself
Up and out of the darkest dark
Translated into a shining light
I forgot I had fallen
I wonder sometimes if I ever really fell
If this wasn’t all just a dream
A wave of thought
A previous memory
Your poems echo within me still
Exactly as You read them
Theatrically dramatically
As though You were giving
The performance of your life
I could see You
Inside of my mind
Complete in costume
The stage alight
If You were performing
I give You
A never ending encore
A standing ovation
An outstanding salute
For they say an artiste
May have the audacity
The sheer tenacity
To save a life
I must tell You
You most assuredly saved mine

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