Tactical written by Honey Pot at


Tactical written by: ErosVerse @ErosVerse   How do I tender My resignation And have you Of all people Believe you could Ever even think To entert...
Into Life written by Honey Pot at

Into Life

Into Life written by: ErosVerse @ErosVerse   could you perhaps let me write you to life that way we may meet flesh to flesh see eye to eye kiss ...
Blossom written by Honey Pot at


Blossom written by: ErosVerse @ErosVerse   I don't need Your permission Never did. Never will Still I will be gentle In the delivery of my leave I...
Gone written by Honey Pot at


Gone written by: ErosVerse @ErosVerse   I felt you You felt me We felt us • Before you pulled The plug Before you Misbehaved • I got used to y...
Could You written by Honey Pot at

Could You

Could You written by: ErosVerse @ErosVerse   Could you be love's paragon A weird and pretty flower Descended rainbow lights To inner beauty stir Aw...
Knight written by Honey Pot at


Knight written by: ErosVerse @ErosVerse   Knight of Lights Abiding Keeping watch In truth defying Lying lips, conniving Conning star ships Home, ...
Mine written by Honey Pot at


Mine written by: ErosVerse @ErosVerse   I lost a part I believed to be mine I was certain was me I hollered I cried I wailed unbelief Only to fin...
Pearls by Honey Pot at


Pearls written by: ErosVerse @ErosVerse   The pearls of experience are Every colour Every shape Every size Ageless They hail from Congruent water...


I love the wings poetry gave to me. It is music, it is light, it is wisdom, it is sight. It is beauty, it is intrinsic to my life.