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written by: ErosVerse



The pearls of experience are
Every colour
Every shape
Every size

They hail from
Congruent waters
Still, effervescent ocean-seas

Myriad styles
Myriad lengths
Multiple or single strands

With a ribbon for a tie
Strung on golden gleaming cords
Held fast by a diamond clasp
Swinging from an elastic band

None are more worthy
More special than the others

I wear them around
My neck
My wrists
My ankles
In my hair
The piercings in my ears
However I may fancy

They adorn my waistline
I may wear one as a gem
A crowning jewel
Fit for a princess
In my belly button

Some are tailored as a dress
Some adorn my stilettos

These are my pearls
My experiences
My travails
My life

A reminder that
I have fallen
I got up
They are triumphs
Over a murky mile
Promises of better
Things to come
On dreary days
On dusty roads
In crimson tides
In teary strides

They are beautiful
Glossy words
Of events, thoughts
I could not speak
At the time
That I know not
How to speak
At this time

They remind me
I have lived
I am alive still
I treasure them
I smile
I look at them
I know
I am worth every
Beautiful blessed
Priceless while

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