Ruptured Looking Glass, poetry by Martina Rimbaldo at
Drigo Diniz

Ruptured Looking Glass

Ruptured Looking Glass

written by: Martina Rimbaldo



Moonlight casting his pale hands upon her window glass
Infatuated with its layer of dust
Uninvited guest observes from afar
As a young maiden fashioned in a flaxen lace long gown
Sits on a baroque chair combing her ash-auburn hair
Breathing heavy summer air
Wall-ticker heralds midnight
A minute after bed chamber Victorian looking glass suddenly ruptures in half
Scared to the bones maiden jumps off her chair
Wonders how could it occur, something so obscure
Her mother opens the door like a furry
Reads out loud the telegram letter just received
Fragile voice shakes in dolor
Her cousin of only 18 passed away…
Maiden espies the looking glass and glowers froze in the unbelief
The mirror cracks evanescent…

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