River Bank, poetry by Oladeji Mayowa Oluwasegun at Spillwords.com

River Bank

River Bank

written by: Oladeji Mayowa Oluwasegun



Your hands have frozen into your skin,
your breath is cigarette,
a letter to a place almost forgotten.
You are there where water kisses earth,
you remember Zaria with its sweet things
& drought that holds a head to Harmattan for teeth gnashing.
Neon lights ship soft feeling as you sit on air.
The ferry comes late shrouded in the clouds.
The night is encrusted on the wall of time,
written on faces that buy into future.
Lovers beside you bring thoughts of a distance called home.
You still feel cold from the fire burning in your throat,
but your mind has travelled to bury you
in the ecstasy of the water against your feet.

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