I left a bottle so you could sail your note to sea at Spillwords.com

I Left a Bottle So You Could Sail Your Note to Sea

I left a bottle so you could sail your note to sea

written by: PMMurphy



the calluses of my skin are rough
from all the days of crumbling the ideas
i planned to etch in your brain
it was just a reminder of days past
days to come, simpleton thoughts
and reflections of triumphs and losses
like an oxymoron written to seduce
it just didn’t work.

so i ripped at the seams everything
from the center of each page i began to stab
may my ink never be worthy of your eyes
but your eyes i still wish to glance upon
time has forsaken my angst as my skin
all but wrinkles and hair all but fades.

on the beach i visit, i know you do too
the carbonated soda we drank together
i kept each long winded form of glass
sacred to my soul
as i left it dripping empty on the beach
hoping you might come past
and drift it out with something of your own
and so it may find someone a little more worthy