I Love Thee Not, a poem by Shayan Das at Spillwords.com
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I Love Thee Not

I Love Thee Not

written by: Shayan Das



I love thee not but only when
in morning time when daisies sway,
and blackbirds trill and do convey
that dusk turns dawn to strive again;
like fragile boats that go astray
in wild and roaring boundless seas,
bit by bit all unknowingly
to sense thy touch my nerves decay.

I love thee not but all noontide
when hopelessly sunshine I chase,
and go all out yet can’t erase
my timeless angst that burns inside;
from all the ends and every place
thy gentle odours slowly creep,
and seduce me to fall and sleep
remembering thy sweet embrace.

I love thee not but every night
when splintered hopes I blend anew,
and pleasant thoughts all raw and true
do strike my breast to paint and write;
through moon and stars with vivid hues
thy sweet face enhances the sky,
and bit by bit through lows and highs
I better in my dreams love you.

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