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This House is Not a Home

This House is Not a Home

written by: Ifeanyi Sibling


“Drop your bag; your food is in the kitchen,” I heard my mum say. Tears streamed down my cheeks. “Mum” I muttered to myself, I missed her so much. The flashbacks have been increasing these days and I’m starting to wonder if she’s coming back home. But she can’t, I argued with myself “she’s dead, right?”
Slowly I walked tiredly towards home. Sighting the door from afar, I started wondering what went wrong and I wasn’t done swimming in my thoughts till I found myself standing right in front of the door. Home atlas? Found my way in and I was greeted with the same three words.

“Drop your bag; how long would it take you to return home from school?” My Stepmom queried angrily. “I’m sorry ma,” I quickly apologized not wanting to let my cheeks be at the receiving end of a slap from her. Well, it did arrive anyways. It hurt this time, it felt like I would die from the pain I felt.
Later that evening I went to my room and secretly planned my escape from here.

“Drop your bag; this shall be your room for as long as you want. I will have you meet my family after you’ve freshened up, now hurry! They all have been anxious to meet you.”
A visit from tears and for the very first time since I lost mom, I found the strength to start my life anew. New family, New Home.

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