Tequila, a haiku poem by Shivani Kamal at Spillwords.com
Bruno Emmanuelle



written by: Shivani Kamal


A distilled spirit
from the Jaslican highlands
First known as pulque

In Mexico, served
neat in un caballito
No salt and lime here

Around the world, mixed
in a margarita or
tequila sunrise

Sweet, fruity, earthy
Don Julio y Patrón
Always drink top shelf

Los Jimadores
harvest the blue agave
using a coa

The piña core baked
Slowly for up to three days
Releasing sugars

Shredded, crushed then juiced
Fermented in large barrels
Distilled twice after

Bottled as blanco
Aged golden añejo
o reposado

Property of Mexico
Trademarked tequila

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