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I Never Knew A Bird Could Fly So High

I never knew a bird could fly so high

written by: Kristina Leigh



I never knew a bird could fly so high.
She stretches her wings and takes to the air
Without a care of what was left behind
She dips and dives and thrills with joy
Her laughter is but for one boy
Fluttering fast, she rides the wind
Never to forget
Her memories of him

They once sat still atop a tree
Chirps and flutters resounded far
And filled with glee
Each morning they emerged
From their nested home
And scoured the earth for bits of dirt
Or hopped along in blissful roam

Each dusky evening birds thronged to their tree
Wrestling amongst brush
And beneath twigged leafs
Night settled down
Blanketing sky and ground
And sharp bird song fell silent
Their world was never thought violent

But one fair morning when the sun shone bright
Our fair little bird
Prepared to take flight
And glancing to her right
Her companion was not there
She frantically looked around her
But she did not find him anywhere

A few pieces of a feather
Were all that remained.
Snagged on the sharp brush
Drops of blood did stain
And our poor little bird was left all alone
To wonder forever
If her mate would return home

Dear little bird, do not restrain
Do not dare try to hide your pain
Keep flying high, keep singing your song
This is your home, this is where you belong

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