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I Remember…

I Remember…

written by: LadyLily



I remember my window,
spattered with sleet,
the phantasm-feral mist,
hovering  voodoo flares.
A diamond flamed moon…
She brought stone-cold nights,
my breath steam-swept away.

I remember red Roses frozen in time,
heads hanging as if crucified.
The gnawing, growling, winnowing wind
belting my innocent panes.
A finger etching a matchstick man
on a crack-warped mirror.
My tiny feet sinking
into freezing flower-patterned oilcloth,
squashing aged, peeling, ripped petals.

I remember my fish of gold,
gliding, preceding death,
his lollystick headstone.
Never forget Spider, her delicate twines,
silver-toned, embalming an unfortunate earwig.
The tinkling from Blitzen’s bells
echoing through empty avenues…
children sleeping Dolly-mixture dreams.

I remember street lamp beams
spearing shadows on my paperless walls.
Imagination unleashed…
Dogs, dollies, friendly faces,
promenading, Victorian, laced -ladies,
painted with magical strokes
from the corridors of this child’s mind.

I don’t remember glossed horse-chestnuts,
fine fir trees filled with baubles and bows,
a single toy, a teddy bear, doll or Dandy book.
I remember a portrait ‘Our Lady of Lourdes.’
Blue shawl showered her head,
wisps of Autumn-brown hair, lips blossom soft,
bliss-blue eyes…
a veil of peace and perpetual love.
I kneeled each eve, bony body shivering,
my lips slatey-blue…and prayed.

I remember the lime-lanterned Gooseberry bush,
full-fruits morphed to mouldy looking pistachios
dropping to an icy grave.
I don’t remember Candy-cane dreams,
chocolate pennies or tiddlywinks.
Christmas dawned, yawned then disappeared…
My tears…
nowhere to fall.

I remember sprayed sparkles being sieved
through jet clouds then tinkled down
like jasmine water.
The lumps on next-door’s apple tree,
like a firebox in Autumn, scarlet heads.
I wished for any dinner plate…
chipped..better than none.

I remember those smoldering embers
smothered in slate-grey ash…
The flickering of that last blink
and whimpering in my slumber.



Faithful photographic image of an original oil painting ‘Girl at the Window’ by Antonia Rzhevskaya pre 1934.

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