If I had known, poetry by Clay Waters at Spillwords.com
Anna Dudkova

If I Had Known

if I had known

written by: Clay Waters



if I had known
it was your last day here
I would have given you
one of those warm shampoo baths in the sink
that made you grunt with contentment
and then wrapped you in a towel
and carried you downstairs like a baby.

I would not have yelled
when you pooped on the rug again
and would have given you biscuits
every time you barked
even if the vet said you were getting fat.

I would have taken lots of pictures.

Now I have a hollow space
with a half-empty shampoo bottle
and not enough photographs
a bit of fur from a pet carrier
a half-eaten dog biscuit
a collar you are free from
and a password that will never be changed:

an assortment of silly nothings,
and all I’ve got.

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