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If Loving You Is A Sin

If Loving You Is A Sin

written by: thePoeticpiper



As I sit, wine bottle by my side
Every sip, flowing down stream, my veins absorbing its warmth
A cigar lit, yes a cigar, not cigarette lit, burning
Puff, scent new to me, it comes with growth
If what I say is a need to shy away, burn the words
Let them fly away in a less divine memory

How do I say these words avoiding to see or hear your cry
For my heart is filled with these emotions
My tongue says all in devotion of truth
My eyes show a picture, a state of my heart
My chest in swerving movement of my heart beat
And my soul, yes my soul would make you believe I do not exist

If loving you is a sin, send me down to the heart of the sea
Let me be in pain, wounded, as the salty sea burns my skin
Be swallowed by its creatures, be a part of its faeces
Memories of you fading away in features
I shall disappear from your past present
As I shall not appear in your future

If loving you is a sin, stare in my soul
A dagger within the palm of your hand
Have knowledge of what you are about to do
Sweatheart do not hold back, do not regret
Let your tears be of happiness for you are to be free
Then stab stab stab stab stab
Till you are able to outstretch your wings and fly away

If loving you is a sin, bury me alive
Twelve feet below, upon withered roses
If on a stormy rainy day, let lightning strike me
If on a sunny day, allow the sun to burn me ashes
No hymns, no sonnets, no words, no prayers
For I would have lived knowing that I experienced love

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