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written by: La Fata Morgana



What kind of human allegory are we looking for?
This is just a Fiction.

This is what imagination looks like
after something that took years
of desire and waiting
but never showed up: a void
between the mind and the pen.

A life.

What confessions do we expect to hear
the last night of our Journey?

Perhaps we’ll only see our image longing
for love in the corners of a painting,
or read another poem
written by drunken hands and hearts
telling a story of something never true
but beautiful.
No, nothing will happen.
Nothing actually will come out of this.

And now, Art, that seductive
yet abandoned thing hanging on our walls
and getting dusty on the shelves,
whispers in our ears with vengeful voice:

I, the Time, am rebellious Poetry!

And we just stand there, alone,
in the darkest corner of our minds
with that distressing idea of art
and eternity, trying to understand,
what makes us so ephemeral?
Why can’t we just be like Poetry,
rebellious and eternal?


This poem, “Imagination”, was created based on a dadaist poem I first made. I kept the order of the words in the dadaist poem and build the body of the new poem with that.

The words came out in this order:
imagination after Something
NIGHT Journey Image Longing
Love Corners Painting Another Nothing
and Now ART seductive
I The Time

La Fata Morgana

La Fata Morgana

Mexican sociologist, vegan feminist and poetess.
The pen behind the WordPress blog Lunas Letras y Café and the feminist column La Letra Violeta.
The enthusiast behind the poetry project Las Plumas Poiéticas and one of the founders of Feminopraxis, a feminist digital magazine.

Socióloga mexicana, feminista vegana y poetisa.
La pluma detrás del blog en WordPress Lunas Letras y Café y la columna feminista La letra Violeta.
La voz entusiasta en el proyecto de poesía Las Plumas Poiéticas y una de las fundadoras de Feminopraxis, revista digital feminista.
La Fata Morgana

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