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In a Darkened Room

written by: Scott Hyde


Two scars and a pool of blood,
Along with an emotional flood
Her body overwhelmed and damaged,
Surprisingly she actually managed
To put aside the sharpened tool;
Her back aching like a mule:
Carrying a ton of baggage unwanted
Leaving her raw mind haunted
By the sheer thought of a morning
Without a label of warning
That the ravenous flock of darkness
Will tear her mind without the slightness
Of giving her a chance to be,
A chance for her to see,
That not only evil reigns in this world
But also kindness and goodness whirled.

With a curtain so black and thick,
It was easy for the world to play a nasty trick;
To mislead her about the brightness of a day
Or to throw her only hopes away.

“Why?” a question echoing in a room
With a girl in the center waiting to bloom
Into a beautiful unique flower,
Alas it was not her hour.

As she grabbed the sharp object again,
Waiting for a sign to stop her pain;
Her well-being uncared for;
And her thoughts bore
Multiple possibilities of a way out,
But it was futile as she shouted.

With a slight movement of the hand
Her wrist opened and bled to no end,
With a grin on her face she was prepared
To welcome all and to be spared;
To live a wrongful life and a lie,
Was worse than just saying: “Goodbye.”

Scott Hyde

Scott Hyde

I am doing my best to write emotionally deep poems inspired by my past.
Scott Hyde

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