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A Line (align)

A Line (align)

written by: Scott Hyde


She has a smile so diverse,
Which is able to disperse
Raw happiness miles away
And to brighten a somber day,
For its brilliance blindingly radiated
And hearts became contaminated
With a feeling yet unfelt,
And a longing for her hand to be held.

A curvy lip line that would fix,
Heal, mend and then mix,
All sorts of beautiful things
Into one ideal set of rings;
To mark one’s eternal love
And to relentlessly ask from above,
That the ring-bound smile
Will never fade, even for awhile.

And then you snap out and see,
A situation you could never foresee:
Her tangible body held tightly
By a person so unlikely
To come to your fragile mind
And cold-heartedly sever your bind.

You look at the captivating smile
But this time with feelings of denial,
To accept that smile isn’t for you
Awakens all those feelings blue,
Alongside the internal cold-colored walls
A veil so murky and thick befalls.

As you stare from a small distance
And realize your conscious existence
Has been erased from time onward;
And you lay there weary and cornered
With your heart crumbling slowly,
And what was once pure and wholly
Is now cruelly and mercilessly shattered,
Tainted and artificially battered.

“She is with someone,” you say with citation,
But you guarded your ship of relation,
Afraid to sail through the rocky sea,
Afraid to get a mere chance to be
A part of that smile so sacred;
Instead you chose to feel cold and jaded,
All because you had no clue,
That you simply should’ve said, “I love you.”

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