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In Peace

In Peace

written by: Kate Figurska



When the night will turn endless,
and the sunlight will cease to shine,
I’ll stand by your side.

When the wind will push the air away,
and the tears will burn your skin,
I will hold your hand.

When the dreams will become nightmares,
and the hope will burden you,
I will carry you.

But when it’s time
to go,
I hope you’ll go in peace.

I hope the night will end
and the sun will shine again.
I hope the wind will stop
and tears will finally dry.
I hope the dreams will thrive again
and the hope will let you fly.

But most of all, when
it’s time to go,
I hope you’ll go
in peace.

Kate Figurska

Kate Figurska

Ever since I started writing poetry in a spare time on my way home from school, to the present day when I have to accommodate my maternal responsibilities alongside the engineering job, writing has always been my way of making sense of life.
Kate Figurska

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