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In The Dark We Meet

In The Dark We Meet

written by: the hairy bum welder


In the dark we meet
After the sun falls
From the sky
She appears through the mist
With the devil’s
Glint in her

With a smile she
I missed you in my sleep
I longed for darkness
To take

Place your hand on my
See my heart starts to
Blood flows in my veins
I wish my soul
And you
I could keep

Seduction and passion
I’m not supposed
To feel
I’m one of the undead
A vampire!!
This love
I shouldn’t

Hold me let me feel
Your warmth,
Your touch
My love I crave you
And your love
So much

You make me feel
I’m in heaven
Where the undead
Shouldn’t stand.
I’ll walk through the gates
And burn
If we were
Hand in hand

This night is almost
My love I must go
Kiss me once more
While my veins

I now must return
To the tomb
I despise
Waiting for dusk
Your warmth
And my soul that
You hide

The hairy bum welder

The hairy bum welder

I'm a 53-year-old welder/fabricator with a passion for poetry. I live near Cambridge, in the UK. I've suffered from anxiety for years, poetry helps. Sometimes I can't even remember writing when the anxiety is that bad. I think did I really write that?? A lot of my poetry I don't name, I hope it relates to people and their personal thoughts as it does mine, so they can choose to name it personal to them. I also have a page on Facebook, 'Poetry by the hairy bum welder.'
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