Into A Starry Night I Retire. written by Nara Hodge at

Into A Starry Night I Retire

Into a starry night I retire

written by: Nara Hodge



Into a starry night I retire;
I hide within its velvet attire
Whilst it whispers me lullaby
In a tender reminder of days gone by.

The music of the night soothes my worries;
The moonlight quietly tells me sweet stories.
I let the night embrace me whole
as I succumb to its control.

The notes of nighttime are poignantly gentle.
Nostalgic melancholy makes me tremble
With the acutely raw pain of memories past –
As vivid today as if time’s never passed.

I come alive in nocturnal hours.
The nightfall gifts me interim powers
To put into hurried words at night
What I cannot divulge in the daylight.

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