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written by: Greg Gieske


Who dares venture into Dark?
No man asks to go.
To unfamiliar lands I embark,
As entangled thoughts begin to flow.

To a place of foreign tongue,
It takes courage to see the light.
Left in shadow wife and young,
My rifle I take to fight.

Lying in my rack,
She never leaves my site.
She has my back,
Cold and black as night.

I muster all my strength,
To arise before the dawn.
Within arms length,
We both rise to Soldier on.

The mission staged at O’Dark thirty,
We all gather round the brief.
Counting the cost of getting dirty,
My heart begins to sink with grief.

Man and machine we work together,
Large steal cages of armor on wheels carry.
Knights of integrity, valor and honor;
As if time stands still my mind begins to tarry.

Of thoughts back home I reminisce,
My wife, my sons they are alone.
It is precious time with them I miss,
As I dream of my next ticket home.

Again we ride into the lonely Dark,
Our mission always remains the same.
The doldrums—our existence mark,
Until the gunfire, smoke, and flame.

Greg Gieske

Greg Gieske

Greg was a photojournalist working for the Frontline Newspaper in Georgia and specialized as a combat photographer and visual information specialist for the 2nd Heavy Brigade Combat Team 3rd Infantry Division, which included one year serving in Mosul, Iraq. His accomplishments include: 4 Army Commendation and 2 Army Achievement Medals for his coverage of the war, Placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd in the Fort Stewart Art Competition. He was also selected for the Eddie Adams Workshop in upstate N.Y. where he received the LIFE Books award and Honorable Mention for the B&W SpIder Awards. Currently owns and operates Greg & LaRae Photography, voted the Local Best and Wedding Wire Couples Choice Award Winners.
Greg Gieske

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