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Into The Past

Into The Past

written by: Shih-Fang Wang


James Webb Space Telescope
Allows us to behold images
Of stars and nebulae from
Many billions of years ago
A glimpse of the universe
Before Earth was born

Fossils from diggings
Reveal the extinct lives on Earth
Hundreds of millions of years ago
The evidences of life bustling
Before Homo sapiens

Cave paintings and pictorial signs
From ancient ancestors
Tens of thousands of years ago
Laid the bedrock of
Our modern-day wisdom

A sojourn in the land of memories
Allow us to reflect the journeys
Experienced since our births
Several decades ago

From unfathomable universe
Down to our mortal selves
Time implacably trudges forward
Leaves its footmarks for us to witness

The periods granted for us
Is only infinitesimal
We can’t grapple it
For even a second
But watch it
Merge into the past

Shih-Fang Wang

Shih-Fang Wang

After retirement from medical profession in 2016, I shifted gears and started to write poems. Through expressing emotions, depicting humanity, exploring life and nature with poems I have gained more insights into my inner and outer worlds.
Shih-Fang Wang

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