Is the IMF’s Nature Solution to Climate Change Possible? by Bev Muendel-Atherstone at
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Is the IMF’s Nature Solution to Climate Change Possible?

Is the IMF’s Nature Solution to Climate Change Possible?

written by: Bev Muendel-Atherstone


The International Monetary Fund is not known,
For touting the environment as its own;
The climate economic threat must be severe,
For them to venture into that sphere.

The IMF report on CO2 pollution,
Supports whales as the natural solution;
If we could help increase their population,
It could change dire climate annihilation.

Research shows wherever the great whales survive,
Phytoplankton, the oceans’ food supply, will thrive;
Fertilized by the behemoth’s prodigious pooped plumes,
Rich in nitrogen and iron, at last the algae blooms.

From these tiny mighty phytoplankton,
Comes Half of all earth’s life-giving oxygen.
They also sink as much carbon from the air,
As four towering Amazon rainforests could ensnare.

Today a third or fewer great cetaceans remain,
To circumnavigate their ocean-wide domain,
As whaling plundered Right Whales to the brink,
Decreasing Blue Whales to 3%, not yet extinct!

An eco-value of two million bucks for each leviathan,
Makes possible whale stocks might see some restoration,
But only if mammoth fines for each one lost were set,
For poaching, ship strikes, and by-catch in trawling nets.

So to answer this existential question:
The IMF should run with its nature suggestion,
And waste no time in implementation
To reverse the harm to our global ecosystem.



Whalers from Iceland, Norway and Japan continue to kill whales to sell their meat. Over 30,000 whales have been killed since the mid 1980’s moratorium on whaling.

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