It Can't Happen To Me, commentary by Keith D Guernsey at

It Can’t Happen To Me

It Can’t Happen To Me

written by: Keith D Guernsey



The word “cancer” has always sent a cold chill down my spine. But I took comfort in knowing it could never happen to me…until it did. Susan and I had just sat down to lunch on Friday afternoon and the topic du jour was our upcoming vacation to the beach.
But then the phone interrupted our nice quiet afternoon and when I saw it was my doctor’s office calling, I had a sense of impending doom. When I heard the words “you have prostate cancer”, I was shocked. The look on my face said it all and Susan already knew what the diagnosis was. I managed to regain my composure long enough to hear him say “it’s not a death sentence” but little else.

My initial reaction was that I have beaten life-threatening brain surgery twice and I will beat this!

The next step is to meet with my doctor to determine a course of treatment. But first a two week vacation on the beach with Harley and Susan. Hey after all a guy’s gotta have his priorities…right?

But seriously, I see this as just a bump in the road and I will beat it just like I did the acoustic neuromas. I have doubled my resolve to be the best father, brother, husband, and grandfather that I can!

My previously stated goal of dancing with my lovely wife on the occasion of your 50th wedding anniversary remains unchanged. When I bring this up Susan always says “do you still think we will be able to dance at 95”? So ok dancing is optional! But we will still be side-by-side, hand-in-hand and every bit as in love then as we are today!

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