It's Back Again, poetry by Vandana Joshi Bhatt at
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It’s Back Again

It’s Back Again

written by: Vandana Joshi Bhatt



As I wake up, the blazing sun peeks through my window,
Disguised as a summer charmer.
A gag of geese honk at my doorstep,
Returning from South, it’s spring, they chant.
The snow starts melting, my toboggan hill in the backyard is gone,
I take my chances, go out for a stroll and witness the sign of upcoming spring.
I notice the shoots coming out of the tree branches,
I notice the roots sprouting from the earth.
Then suddenly it comes, again through my windows,
Snow brings a blanket and covers the land and trees with its magical aura.
As I see it fall, I think to myself,
Canada is so beautiful; let’s enjoy the last shot while it lasts.
Snow so beautiful, so magical.

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