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written by: Luana Sakurano



He says ‘you make your own luck in this world’

Fingers running over strawberry silk

There were strawberries on the tablecloths

And daisies as well, with hearts full of gold

Him, espresso

You, hazelnut latte
Cinnamon spilling onto a satin dress

He puts his fingers in yours, braving storms

You fiddle with his tie, clumsy, bolder

Than you’ve ever dared to be, and it’s free

Doesn’t cost a dime to be dangerous
But when you are forced to hand it over

Every piece of your lions’ heart

Wild accusations of indiscretions

Follow you; scent of an old lover
He suddenly says ‘do you want the pie?’

He feeds you each bite; you steal the cake fork

A memento mori for your scrapbook
When the boy you love becomes poetry

And all that remains is a memory
Think on a spring day; daisies, strawberries


The first love is always the hardest

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