July is My Time, a poem by Kate Savidge at Spilwords.com
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July is My Time

July is My Time

written by: Kate Savidge


I was told one summer,
when the kids were little,
it might be best
if I came to Islesford
in July,
instead of August.
I might have a better time
when there are no
family about,
since I get so upset
when everyone else
is around.

I get upset
when I am expected
to keep the house spotless,
because someone
might stop by.
has that ever happened?
And how am I
supposed to do that,
when I am the only parent
with three small children,
one is four,
two are two,
and a dog?
Please do not try to pretend
you know what it is like.
I was seven,
Mike was four,
Joe was a toddler.
There was no dog and
Dad was always there.
And if he was not there,
Auntie Jay and Uncle John
were right next door,
with older cousins.
You always had help,
and there was always
a Lion Tamer.

So we started coming
in July.
It was so much easier.
We also got the smaller house,
cozier for watching
thunderstorms scream across the sky.
Being overly emotional
paid off.
I love being here,
when no one is around.

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