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In 1941, the Nazis discovered mass graves in the forest of Katyń in Smolensk. At the behest of the Polish government-in-exile, based in London, The International Red Cross would lead an investigation to uncover the sinister and long held Soviet secret. The Soviets would never admit to being the perpetrators of the extermination of an estimated 20,000 Polish military elite, of which thousands, taken from the prisons of  Kalinin and Kharkiv were driven to the forest of Katyń. Hooded, gagged and bound, they were pushed to the edge of the grave, shot execution style and thrown in to mass graves.

An investigation by the Soviet Union from 1990-1991 and a subsequent investigation by the Russian Federation 1991-2004 confirmed what had been suspected all along. To add insult to injury both Great Britain and the United States of America allowed the guilty to go free by quashing the sensitive information they had gained regarding the discovery. To this day neither the Soviet Union, USSR or Russian Federation are willing to call “a spade a spade”; Genocide!Atrocities committed to suppress and repress a free thinking people who resisted Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Politburo. Their modus operandi; stamp and snuff out any and all individual/s that would express their opposition to their ruthless government.

Nazi Germany discovered Katyń, the Soviets denied their culpability and the West covered it up. Shameful complicity! Hitler and Stalin; the similarities are unnerving but tragically not surprising. Monsters of unparalleled stature! The architects of extreme cruelty, the engineers of gross inhumanity, and the orchestrators of suffering on a scale so immense as to challenge the imagination.

Katyń is a tragic symbol of the darkness that lurks in the recesses of men’s minds. The capacity of some “human beings” to wreak havoc upon their fellow man. Mankind, is nature’s most perfect design, yet when a human being becomes depraved, desensitized and degenerate, the extent to which he will go to harm, hurt, injure, kill or eradicate another is indescribable and for most, unbelievable.

Countless men, women and children have been and continue to be victims of murderers and murderous governments such as these and worse yet of those individuals and governments that would stand by silently while similar atrocities are committed.





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