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Taylor Brandon

Kiss Me

Kiss Me

written by: Keiran Meeks


Kiss me with your mouth wide open.
Kiss me like you’re scared.
Kiss me like our time is ending.
Kiss me like you care.

Wipe the sweat and honey from your lips,
it’s okay to go to bed.
Is a friendship really ending,
if it only bloomed inside your head?

Kiss me like you hate me.
Kiss me like I’m all you need.
Affection burns like ashwood
and your smoke has made me weak.

Through the curtain light is fading,
let’s toast to our bereft.
I would let you rip me open
if you crawled in and never left.

You once promised me forever.
I once promised to be kind.
I guess time has made us liars.
I guess our stars have been defined.

Don’t you dare say goodbye now,
just watch me eat the whole world raw.
I can’t stop what is coming,
but I can save you from the fall.

So kiss me with your mouth wide open,
one last time for the road.
Baby you look like an angel,
and it’s time to send you home.

So just lie and say you love me.
Kiss me hard and kiss me now.
I never thought you’d be the ocean,
but gladly will I drown.

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