Nobody Dreams, a poem by Dominic Francis at

Nobody Dreams

Nobody Dreams

written by: Dominic Francis


I drink out of hunger and I think of our twinned number.
I blink in the thunder and I sink into the wind’s slumber.
You were my picket-line dreams and my golden-ticket-wine.
But was my love ever yours and was your love ever mine?

Am I made of stubborn love but governed by scam and bluff?
You gave it to me rough in the grave that all doves call stuff.
Was I just brave enough to be saved by a grand of puffs?
And is it too late to wait sedate at your gate in handcuffs?

If I was too imperfect or too blue or too circumspect or too true,
Was it because I didn’t expect you to defect through and through?
Was my glove never yours before forever’s wars against unborn time?
I love your love like I love mine and adore your pores more than wine.

Pleasure and I parted when our hearts combined.
Behind each pair of eyes walks a talking mind.
I could swear we shared the same treasured prayer.
But you’re not here, so you must remain there.

If Somebody seems to reach for a scheme that the numbing magazines esteem,
Teach Somebody the themes that scream in each extreme of Nobody’s dream.
Plenty of men like me will be Nobody again by the bitter day-end.
When Nobody fits you then, he’ll lend his love to another friend.

I drink in the thunder and I think of the wind’s number.
I blink in my hunger and I sink into the bin of slumber.
We seemed to be a picket-line team on golden-ticket-wine.
But is my nice dream yours and is your ice-cream mine?

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