A True Love Song written by Bitupan Das at Spillwords.com

A True Love Song

a true love song

written by: Bitupan Das


sitting on the clouds
looking at the sky blue
colliding my brittle heart
with the mountain strong
dear mountain, destroy me
let me pour her rain
let me wash away her pain
tears on her eyes
nobody can see
cause i know
she cries in the rain
all the satyrs only wait
for the nymph bed
don’t destroy yourself, honey
they can’t see your tears
that you secretly carry in your eyes
(maybe you too don’t even know)
every moment is to live
not to die
feel me in the rain
feel me in the breeze
and fill the hot air in your heart
and fly and fly
meet me here honey
i am here again
waiting for you alone
sitting on the clouds
here you can see the world
how it looks
people are just ants
with a mammoth heart
the sky is blue
the moon is bright
naughty twinkling stars
shooting stars
make a wish
make a wish
hear it, honey
what space whispers

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