Promises to keep..Promises to spall..!! by Monika Ajay Kaul at

Promises to keep..Promises to spall..!!

Promises to keep..Promises to spall..!!

written by: Monika Ajay Kaul



Under the Virgin Veil of Sky,
we swore an oath, not ephemeral.
An entente’ of love told in words
that we would be eternally bound.

With no encumbrances and no enveigle..
just you and me as the witness’ sole.
In my hands you felt my heart..
and in your eyes I saw your soul!

Soon the cloaked wind changed its path,
protean as she is, it whisked us apart.
Now two leaves dancing in the wind.
Yet no matter the distance and space,
the comatose unfeigned bond binds..!

Some Promises are to keep….!!

Do You acquaint me and  know my devout?
Have I become attached to a mirage?
perhaps some things worthy
remain unworthy somehow.

One beautiful day, we solemned an oath..
to bleed for one another as long as we live,
to be perennial for one another..
I promise you, till death do us apart..!

The rest…
Time will tell, my love, Time will tell.
The Freshet flows, the Seasons swap..
Time and Tide is promised to no one..!!

And..Some promises are to spall….!!

Monika Ajay Kaul

Monika Ajay Kaul

Born in the breathtakingly beautiful vale of Kashmir, Monika Ajay Kaul has had her schooling done there. A Post-Graduate in Business Management from New Delhi, an Academician by profession. She is passionate about writing poetry and short stories. An avid reader, mostly biographies and autobiographies of World Artists and Writers. Currently a full-time toiling mother. Besides writing, she is a painter too. Giving wings to her imagination through Beautiful Colors and Wuthering Words. As she has rightly put it into words, "Give wings to your imagination..and let your ingenuity fly..!"
Monika Ajay Kaul

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